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Online Counseling Using Skype

 online counseling using skype

You may be accustomed to talking to others using your computer.  If not, here's how live online counseling happens using the Skype program.  If you're new to this, you'll become addicted quickly.  We've found the connection and sound quality to be better than landline and you certainly cannot beat FREE long distance to anywhere in the world!  For those of you who are tech oriented, simply download Skype from the link below.  Others of you please make sure to read the tutorial listed in step two below and we'll be helping you out in no time at all.


  1. Download the program by clicking on this word - SKYPE.  It's free and easy and they guide you step-by-step.
  2. Make sure to read the nice tutorial on the Skype site HERE.  It's such an intuitive program you won't need to read the tutorial, but I did simply because I wanted to learn all I could do with the program.
  3. Go back to the online and phone counseling home page and purchase a Skype session.  Make sure you tell us which time zone you are in for scheduling purposes.  As you confirm your order through PayPal you will have an opportunity to send a note.
  4. Our office will receive an immediate notification via email from PayPal once the session order has been placed.  Our staff will contact you for scheduling within 24-48 hours and most often the initial session will occur within that time as well, during the business week.


It's that simple!


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** Online counseling is not for you if you are seriously considering hurting yourself (suicide) or hurting someone else. If you are currently suicidal or afraid you may hurt someone else you need to immediately get yourself to a local mental health hospital or facility. In an absolute emergency call 911 for help or dial 211 for a national help line.

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